Spanish Fly Pro Review


Loss of libido or the desire to make love with their partner has become a major problem for relationships in recent years. It is not simply because they don’t want to, it’s a much more difficult and complicated.

Women are known to lose their sexual urges

Women are known to lose their sexual urges during or after some major events in their life like when they give birth to a child also during the breast feeding period. But a loss of libido that occurs for a fair amount or time or keeps recurring can be cause for major concern.

Low libido and the relationship status

A loss in Libido can greatly affect the relationship status. No matter how much your partner loves you or how loyal your partner might be you can’t change the fact that without sex they won’t be able to stick around for long. If you are someone who has libido loss just know that you are not alone, even married couples face this dilemma quite a bit and most times this ends up in a way that none of them wanted.

50 million women in U.S are suffering because of low libido

The American Medical Association has estimated that over 50 million women in U.S alone are suffering in their marriages because of low libido. T counter such a serious problem many manufacturers released countless sexual enhancers but almost all of them fell short. So is Spanish Fly Pro one such product or does it actually live up to what it promises? Find out in this review.

What Is Spanish Fly Pro?

Much like the name Spanish Fly Pro originates from an emerald green beetle which is called “Spanish fly” that secretes a substance called cantharides. It’s been said that cantharidian increases erotic urges in both men and women and takes only about a couple of minutes to get started. This aphrodisiac comes in liquid form.

Substance called cantharidin

The name is a moniker of an emerald green beetle which is called “Spanish Fly” that secretes a substance called cantharidin. It’s been said that cantharidin forced some animals to mate to soothe the sudden urge that hit them when the liquid touched their bodies. Being the amusing tale that it is, this aphrodisiac has been aptly named because it promoted feelings of sexual urgency. And does it work? Of course it does! At least that’s what the manufactures promise!

Taken by females to help achieve better arousal levels

Spanish Fly Pro acts as an enhancer of the female libido and is taken by females to help them achieve better arousal levels and better orgasms. When it used in drop form, it can be used in medicine as a topical application for treatment of benign epithelial growths including most warts. They are also used in incense in Santeria. Spanish Fly Pro can be taken in liquid form, ranging between 5 -10 drops is enough to act as a sexual stimulant when mixed with water. Much like the name Spanish Fly Pro it originates from an emerald green beetle which is called “Spanish Fly”.

It promises to deliver:

  • Increased sex drive instantaneously which includes overly wet vagina
  • Expect more intense climax and sensation
  • There will be an increased interest to have sex
  • Greater possibility of multiple orgasms

How it Works?

pack_startSpanish Fly Pro is mixed with a drink mostly alcoholic and drunk a couple of minutes before sex. It produces a tingling and inflaming feeling in the genitals which leads to the arousal of sexual urges. With its all natural formula with the main ingredients being Melatonin, Fructose, canitis, and water Spanish Fly Pro increases blood flow to the sexual organs while increasing sensitivity and lubrication.

There are quite a few other herbs added to neutralize any possible side effects of the cantharidians.

Its recorded benefits are:

  • Increased vaginal lubrication to trigger better sex
  • There is greater Ssensuality during sexual intercourse
  • Increased blood flow in the female labia
  • There is better clitoral stimulation
  • The product is able to correct hormonal imbalances

After careful analysis of the ingredients the use of the ingredients was done properly and their effects have been proven scientifically. But the effects are said to vary from individual to individual. The product has received some reports of causing inflammation and trouble while urinating but have only been seen in a specific category of people that have some medical conditions.

Is It Safe?

sex-drive-with-spanish-fly-proSpanish Fly Pro does use an all-natural formula but it still fails to deliver complete safety but have no doubt it is more safer than many other sexual enhancers that claim to be all natural. Though side effects such as Causes hemorrhage, itching, blisters and inflammation have been reported but are mostly mild.

The customers to don’t seem to mind it all that much but it still gives the manufacturers room to improve. The real achievement of the product is that they actually have managed to minimize potential side effects of Spanish Fly Pro which is a feat it’s other variants haven’t even come close to accomplishing.


When compared to countless other variants and failed sexual enhancers in the market opting for Spanish Fly Pro is a rather good decision if there are no better options available. It is highly recommended that you try Spanish Fly Pro and for a set duration of time after consulting with your doctor to see if it is completely safe for you.