K-Y Intense Review

KY2-500x500Loss of libido or the lack desire to make love with their partner has become a major problem for relationships in recent years. It is not simply because they don’t want to, it’s a much more difficult and complicated. As women age their hormones and sexual organs age as well.

Women React Differently on Loss in Sex Drive

Some lose interest in sex or some require more stimulation to actually enjoy it. This phenomenon brought up a prospective market that could be taken advantage off. K-Y Intense is just another one of the female enhancement products from an already massive industry and one of the few out of many from the K-Y company.

Half of All Women Do not Experience Orgasm During Intercourse

It is estimated that nearly half of all women do not experience orgasm during intercourse and up to one-fourth have never experienced clitoral orgasm. This product is specifically targeted to females to provide more clitoral stimulation, increased pleasure during sex and higher level of orgasms. The popularity of this product has grown exponentially over the years which is highly due to its advertisement and should not be regarded as “effective success” of the product. In this review we will thoroughly inspect each element about K-Y Intense and deduce if it is as impeccable as its manufacturers promise.

What Is It?

c26-B001P5HAJ8-1-sK-Y Intense Arousal Gel for Her intensifies female satisfaction. Just a drop (2-4 pumps) of K-Y Intense Arousal Gel creates a unique rush of pleasure and increases the sensitivity of the clitoris, heightening arousal, desire, and satisfaction. Your intimate time together can take you to a whole new level of satisfaction.

K-Y Intense Claims to Create a Gentle Warming Sensation

Only the K-Y Brand, with a heritage of 70 years of scientific research behind quality intimacy products, could deliver an arousal gel specifically formulated to meet a woman’s needs. K-Y Brand Intense is the uniquely formulated arousal gel that has women saying “it makes sex more satisfying.” Only K-Y Brand scientists could create a product designed specifically to intensify a woman’s climax. The topical solution is rich in niacin and other sensory ingredients, which claim to create a gentle warming sensation and stimulate sensitivity of the clitoris. When this area is more easily stimulated, orgasms are more likely to occur and increase in intensity, at least this is what the company promises.

Massaging the clitoris directly to increase sexual sensitivity

K-Y Intense is used externally by massaging the clitoris directly to increase sexual sensitivity. This is a gel and not a lubricant, which means that all its supposed to do is heighten pleasure not increase wetness of vagina or provide lubrication.

How It Works

600-KY Intense ImageK-Y Intense has the following chief ingredients which are L-Arginine, propylene glycol, tocopherol, hydroxypropyl cellulose, niacin and PEG. It should be noted since these ingredients have bad odor some fragrance are added to cancel their effect.

Product is applied externally

The product is applied externally so there is no need to consume anything. This proves beneficial for people who don’t want anything to go wrong inside of their body rather than out. The gel is required to be applied slowly and gently while massaging the clitoris or any other sexually hot area for its effects to take place. Apply 2 – 4 drops of this gel where you want the sexual feeling heightened . This product needs to be applied during or a couple of minutes before sexual activity not any sooner. This product does not cure any condition, provide any lubrication and does not have lasting effects, this is a product only used for active sex.

Due to gel traits clitoral gets more sensitive

It makes the clitoral more sensitive due to its gel traits, has a fine fragrance due to the artificially added fragrance and is easy to clean after it has been used. As the use increases the level of sensitivity also increases along with the dangers of its use.

Is It Safe?

ky-intense-gel-9The product does not cause any internal damages or long term effects but that’s the only positive aspect of this product. Most women seek  sexual enhancers to cover up one or multiple disorders to enhance the pleasures of sex by incorporating more lubricating products. This product as stated before should only be used during sex to heighten the sexual experience.

This K-Y Intense will do absolutely nothing to cure any disorder you might have like abnormal hormonal balance, it will affect you if you have lost sensitivity in your erogenous zone, basically all it does is enhance the pleasure you feel rather than bring up sexual urges or increasing sexual appetite. Furthermore, the product can’t be used along with condoms. Additionally, Women have different body and skin reactions towards different products. If you have sensitive skin, this gel may irritate your skin. If discomfort persists stop using it immediately and seek medical advice as this is a common occurrence .


K-Y Intense only has any benefit when is used solely for increasing sensitivity during sex, it has no other benefits or features and the affects aren’t all that great as well. There are countless other products in the market that offer the same benefits along with many other features like safety use, lubrication assistance and fixing hormonal instability. It is high advised you look for another more beneficial sexual enhancer, as there are many in the market.