Intivar Review

2daf333c5c886fa17c0a1b625c14fdfb Intivar is not like other sexual enhancers. Where other sexual enhancers try to increase your sexual libido, Intivar tries to increase vaginal lubrication to magnify the pleasure of sex for both parties. If you have had painful night and low sex drive due to a dry vagina then sexual enhancers like Intivar are generally a good idea as long as they don’t cause damage to you or actually work.

Intivar promises that if vaginal dryness or the elasticity of your vagina has decreased due to hormonal imbalance from giving birth or aging and sex isn’t an option any more it can fully recover your libido, increase wetness and pleasure.

What is it?

Intivar is a vaginal cream that helps with vaginal lubrication, tightening and restoring vaginal elasticity. Intivar gel can make sexual intercourse more enjoyable by working to resolve issues related to painful sex such as vaginal dryness and atrophy of the vaginal walls. Intivar gel helps with vaginal dryness by increasing your natural ability to produce vaginal lubrication.

Most of the ingredient are all natural besides a few

intivar-creamThe manufacturers promise to do this in an all-natural way and most of the ingredient are all natural besides a few! The downside is that most of the ingredient have nothing to do with sexual appetites or arousal. Ingredients like Mirofirm which is a purified extract of Pueraria mirifica and Panax (Korean) Ginseng are claimed to be used in increasing sexual appetite for years but there have been no real research or account of them ever working.

As far as customer satisfaction goes after receiving a myriad of negative reviews the manufacturers decided to pull back from the market and haven’ been heard of since then.

How It Works

You need to apply the cream to and around the vagina and clitoris a while before having sex. When applied the cream acts on renewing the tissues of the vagina through restoration of elasticity in these tissues along with tightening the vagina and increasing the pleasure. Majority of the ingredients that are used have no indications or use recorded or tested of providing such benefits.

Is it Safe?

intivar-reviewAfter going through the list of ingredients it’s safe to say that Intivar will not cause you to writhe in agony but will definitely leave you with a very bad itch to say the least. The ingredient that are used are solely for the basis of causing irritation around the vagina along with inflammation that the manufacturers tried to market of as increase in sexual arousal.

After receiving countless feedbacks of the products flaws and short comings the manufacturers decided to quite while they could and Intivar went of the market.


Though the product isn’t for sale anymore but it is highly recommended that you do not try to purchase it trhough any other means, simply because it is by far not worthy it. There are countless better and more safe products in the market that can do what Intivar does along with so much more.