HerSolution Pills Review

Loss of libido or the desire to make love with their partner has become a major problem for relationships in recent years. It is not simply because they don’t want to, it’s a much more difficult and complicated. Women are known to lose their sexual urges during or after some major events in their life like when they give birth to a child also during the breast feeding period. But a loss of libido that occurs for a fair amount or time or keeps recurring can be cause for major concern. A loss in Libido can greatly affect the relationship status.

No matter how much your partner loves you or how loyal your partner might be you can’t change the fact that without sex they won’t be able to stick around for long. If you are someone who has libido loss just know that you are not alone, even married couples face this dilemma quite a bit and most times this ends up in a way that none of them wanted. The American Medical Association has estimated that over 50 million women in U.S alone are suffering in their marriages because of low libido. Looking at the untapped market many potential manufacturers took the chance and launched their own set of sexual enhancers to supposedly help them. Her Solution oils are one such example.

What Is It?

Carefully formulated by a team of professionals, HerSolution contains a very precise blend of herbals, nutrients, and aphrodisiacs that work together to gently and naturally restore your desire for and enjoyment of sex. Playful Couple in bed, simply take one supplement per day and relax as over a period of 60 days, HerSolution begins to gently take effect, naturally correcting the many hormonal, nutritional, and stress-induced imbalances that may be robbing you of the desire for sexual intimacy! With HerSolution, you can finally rediscover your sexual side. This is what HerSolution promises but does it deliver?

The pills contain natural ingredients like tribulus terrestris and DHEA. Tribulus terrestris, a widely used herbal remedy for sexual dysfunction and often used to improve performance among athletes, may also increase testosterone levels, which could lead to testosterone-related effects like a increased facial hair and mood changes, though these effects are not reported. In addition, DHEA can cause higher-than-normal levels of androgens and estrogen in the body, which might increase the risks of some types of cancer. HerSolution by no means should be considered a product to combat any major sexual issues such as Female Sexual Arousal Disorder.

How It Works

The ingredients such as Niacin, Mucuna Pruriens, Ginkgo biloba, Hops, Epimedium Sagitattum, melatonin, Cayenne and DHEA are mostly what makes up the pills and some of these are actually effective in increasing vaginal lubrication and increasing libido. Only a couple of these active ingredients actually increase sexual libido while others are just there to fill in as quantity. Additionally, it requires up to 90 days to show any effect, in this timespan alone you can go through countless changes that will affect your libido and waiting 90 days after paying 50$ doesn’t look that good of a deal. Additionally, the formula does not contain any pro sexual nutrients. The product is said to cause greater and increased blood flow to the vagina and the surrounding areas including clitoris. This would lead to tremendous increase in pleasure and performance if it actually worked.

First thing you should know is that the HerSolution pills supposedly only work when you are using HerSolution gel. In short, you are required to buy both the pills and the gel and wait for almost 3 months to see if you got your money was worth.

Does It Work?

HerSolution has some of the least side effects out there, well why wouldn’t it? This is because it only uses herbal extracts hat have no possible side effects. IT does use some low level sexual boosters found in nature but are they even enough to combat lack of libido? It turn out that they are not. You will most certainly come across hundreds of sites online claiming that HerSolution works like magic. But none of them have any authenticity and came into origin in the same year, Yes, they are paid review sites. The only site you can trust is amazon, where HerSolution is available for purchase. Almost all of the users that purchased HerSolution have reported it to have not done anything at all even after months of its use. Having a total of 2.3/5.0 and receiving myriad of negative reviews the product is most definitely not what it is advertised or marketed as to be. You will most definitely come across many over enthusiastic reviewers claiming it changed their life, but you should know better to differentiate between a paid review and a genuine review.

If you are someone looking for a sexual enhancer that actually delivers what it promises it is highly recommended that you look around in the market as there are quite a few products that can enable you to enjoy true sexual pleasure.