FemXL Review

s-l300 Many male enhancement products have gained popularity amongst the general public due to which new female enhancement products are also being produced and sold.

These female enhancement products are designed to boost the sexual drive, libido, sexual mood and to increase the overall sexual pleasure and to cause and intensify multiple orgasms in females who are experiencing low sexual mood, low sexual desire, inability to undergo orgasm which may be due to stress, fatigue, emotional instability or any of the other causes.

What is it?

FemXL is also a female sexual enhancement drug which is being sold online. FemXL supposedly increases the sexual mood, libido, sexual drive, sensitivity and lubrication of genitals and guarantees smooth coitus. It also claims to improve hormonal problems which lead to sexual dysfunction. FemXL needs only to taken on days of sexual activity and is not a drug required on a daily basis.

Most of the ingredients are still not scientifically tested

Many of the active ingredients of the drug are herbal and include Tongkatali, L-arginine, Panax ginseng, Horny goat weed and Saw palmetto. Even though these ingredients may improve the sexual drive and may not cause any serious side effects but most of these are still not scientifically tested. Most of these ingredients are energy boosters and decrease fatigue which maybe one of the many causes of decreased libido and sex drive.


How it works

FemXL, though claiming to be an effective drug, has its weaknesses. The formula for FemXL has not undergo any clinical trials or testing for safety of the drug or for effectiveness which makes it dangerous to use by the general public. The manufacturer of this drug is also unknown due to which it is not a reliable drug to use and this also shows sign of poor quality.

Big question about the money back guarantee

Even though FemXL claims a money back guarantee but most of the customers using this drug and not find it effective did not get their money back. So, even the money back guarantee of the product is not true. This drug is not available in the market and can only be purchased online. Due to the use of untested herbal ingredients hypertension may develop in its users due to which they should not be used by patients of blood or heart diseases.

Is it Safe?

femxlFemXL has many side effects including increasing the blood pressure leading to hypertension due to which it should strictly not be used by cardiac patients. Other side effects are digestive disturbances, dizziness and sleeplessness. These side effects are quite common and make this drug dangerous to use.

Due to its ineffectiveness it is not recommended for use

The bottom line of the discussion is that even though FemXL is an affordable female sexual enhancement supplement but it is not recommended for use because of its ineffectiveness, unknown manufacturer, no clinical trial conformation and various side effects.