Femtia Review

Femtia is said to be a completely natural herbal oral supplement drug that is supposed to guarantee increased female sexual desire and enhance the female sexual satisfaction. It is claimed that the effect and impact of this drug will last as long as the sexual activity will last. Sexual satisfaction, sexual exploration and improvement of general sexual skills and experience along with the libido are the few aspects that are said to be improved by taking this drug.

What Is It?

Femtia is a female sexual enhancer which is found to successfully increase the sexual energy levels as well as the pleasure in the women. If by any chance you are totally dissatisfied with your sexual life and are feeling extremely low regarding your sex drive then you may definitely consider using Femtia to revitalize your sexual life. This is what the manufacturers promise but have failed to do and have received a massive amount of complaints addressing the issue.

How it works?

As women age, their hormonal levels also tend to undergo some changes. Therefore, some may experience changes in their normal sexual behavior and some may even undergo sexual dysfunction resulting in decreased libido, decreased genital sensitivity and lubrication and even decreased pleasure. Femtia claims to cure all these problems with their herbal drug. They even claim that they can cure vaginal dryness which maybe occurring because the woman is approaching menopause.

The company lures the patients into buying the drug by guaranteeing smooth coitus and general sexual enjoyment due to increased libido, vaginal lubrication and multiple orgasms.

The drug is said to be made up of herbal active ingredients which include horny goat weed powder, maca powder, L-dopa ingredient, the comman polypod powder, tongkat ali, saw palmetto, muri puama, arginine and Ginseng herbal powder.

Is it Safe?

Even if the drug did cure all the problems that the company claims that it guarantees to eradicate, the drug is still not a good choice for use in female patients because of its damaging and long lasting side effects which may cause even further problems or give birth to newer ones. These side effects usually arise due to the use of herbal ingredients most of which are not even clinically tested or due to the combined effect of each ingredient. Femtia also increases the general blood pressure causing problems such as hypertension. Therefore, it is also contraindicated in blood and heart diseases where it may lead to myocardial infarction or other serious and life threatening consequences.


The bottom line of the whole discussion is that Femtia could have been a wonder drug only if it actually did eradicate the problems of sexual dysfunction, decreased libido and decreased sexual desire. But because of not so satisfying results and more damaging side effects it should not be considered as a drug of choice for female patients seeking increased libido, increased sexual satisfaction and genital sensitivity and lubrication.